Advanced Event Management Webinar

Everything you need to know to make a CAREER in Event Management.

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Event Management Masterclass
Join me, Arvind Jyot Sabhaney (Event Management Specialist), as I walk you through the steps it takes to become a master in this field. This webinar will provide you with a clear idea on what you need to do if you are passionate in the field of EVENTS and want to make a career in the same.
In this super-efficient webinar, I will share vital and core knowledge of event management, my experience, the techniques it takes to create a successful event, explain in detail how to master fundamentals of event management and of course, how to create Conference meetings and exhibitions live.
If you have any questions, I will be answering all your questions. No, questions will be left behind.
And of course, we will be talking about job opportunities in the event management world and why event industry needs more people in this industry than ever.
At end of the webinar, I will be announcing huge bonus and discounts on the courses if you register immediately.

This webinar will benefit everyone from freshers of any discipline, to professionals from any field.

Your Instructor

Arvind J Sabhaney
Arvind J Sabhaney
Event Management Specialist with extensive credentials in managing key accounts.
Proven ability to lead efforts in the areas of business strategy planning development, market research, account acquisition, competitive strategies, profitability improvement.
Possess excellent expertise in business relationship management, inviting corporate sponsorships from renowned Organisations. Organised, managed executed large events/promotions increasing mileage.
Consistently recognised for exceptional organising & planning capabilities. Creative resourceful in generating new ideas/concepts. Proficient in conceptualisation design of entire communication packages, with the ability to provide comprehensive creative solutions. Aggressive, enthusiastic & energetic self-starter. Effectively work both independently & as a team worker.

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